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Welcome to the Fallencairn Valley!

This campaign is set up in a sandbox style, wherein the players travel freely from place to place within the valley and encounter what’s already been placed there. The only overarching plot lines are ones that the characters create themselves, or very small ones that exist only within the structure of the campaign.

Essentially, the whole world of the Fallencairn valley already exists out there for the PCs to experience, and they discover it at their own pace. We use a system with a wet-erase Hexagonal map to show the PCs’ location in the Valley, which they are mapping out as they go. Combat takes place on a traditional square tile grid.

Currently, the PC’s are attacking Dun Stone after a four month ongoing battle with the Blue Flame Knights

Please take a look at our wiki to get an idea of what’s going on in the campaign, and also check out the adventure log to see the character’s journal entries.

Home Page

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