The Fallencairn Valley

Travels and Travails

The end of another road.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve felt this way. The last I had this feeling of expectancy, of nigh unbearable expectation was when I first set foot in the ruins of my homeland. The lands we are coming to are largely unexplored and inhabited by many fractious groups. Sticks assures me that Highcliff will be a suitable location to base my travels from and that his cousin is sure to have room at his inn. Besides this he has proven to be an admirable companion on this trip, quite gregarious and capable, at least when he’s not trying to sell some of his trinkets. Still not quite certain what to make of Wolf, he’s kept his reasons for leaving the city mostly to himself but he is at least capable. The Minotaur city of Longhorn is clearly visible now and from there the gateway to the unknown.

There are secrets waiting to be found there and I can’t wait.



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