The Fallencairn Valley

Secrets of the Draeid Forest

Darkhorn is an ass

First of all I am pleased to write that the ritual was a success and Sticks is with us once again, he is slightly affected by his experience with death but it will pass in time. The next bit of news, however, is rather upsetting. While we rested in the barracks all of us that were sleeping were robbed! During the night we apparently had a visit from brownies who decided to pretty us up and take our money in exchange. The two exceptions to this were Wolf (who they probably decided was pretty enough), and the minotaur who decided to skive off his watch duty to guard a stone in the middle of the field. If he had at least woken the next watch while indulging in this baffling behavior that would have at least been acceptable, if more than a little weird, but he instead left without notifying anybody. Thus I have been reduced to a pauper nothing to my name but ritual components and the clothes on my back. Fortunately Sticks was grateful enough for his resurrection that he paid for lodging back at his cousin’s establishment but I hope that we shall find a source of funds soon or I will be forced to find and clear a cave, (may not be a bad idea to prepare regardless, always a good idea to have a bolthole). More on the morrow.

Darkhorn strikes again! While exploring the draied hills after the diaspora of the previous residents we came upon an old minotaur cairn that is bound to be filled with some of the wealth and possibly knowledge he held in life. Wolf and I were in complete agreement that this should be more extensively investigated. The minotaur then tells us that we are obviously not worthy and would not allow us to desecrate the tomb. He does not even know anything about the clan but somehow is certain that we would be viewed as unclean or something. As if worthiness is determined by anything more than testing yourself against what has been left behind to keep out those who shouldn’t be there. It seems to me, and Wolf would probably agree, that if were to make our way safely through the barrow then we are worthy. As I don’t want to face him down just yet I’ll be silent for now but will still begin planning an expedition back here taking into account his possible absence. For the moment we are moving on, but that’s just for the moment, I’ll be back.

This morning we woke to the last watch shouting at us to look at something. Extraordinarily enough it seems one of the centaur, a race deemed extinct, had spied out our camp and then left. We stayed alert but could detect no more sign of them throughout the day.

Hopefully we’ll find something of interest to explore that has the Darkhorn’s approval, I’d hate to upset his delicate sensibilities again in such a short time.



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