The Fallencairn Valley

Into the Valley.

Killcount: 1

Labyrinthine patterns may have a strong place in my people’s culture, but every Minotaur knows that combat breaks the walls of the mind and creates a clear path towards a finite goal… the death of your enemy. It is when that path stretches forever madness rears it’s axe.

Killed my first foe since the prison and pursuit. Felt good to get some practice in, but if this is all that we fight during our time here I might just join the guard. I remember stories of the Fey, but these try to be cunning, stupidly so. One of our compatriot’s cunning clearly outmatched our foes, and our steel and magic laid waste to the majority of them. The rest of our assailants fled. I was half expecting another ambush (it’s what I would have done), but we reached the city without incident. I write from my room in an inn owned by the cunning one’s kin, while the elf thinks I’m asleep. I am tired from the combat, and cannot deal with his delusions.

The Minotaur here are of the Hanthau tribe. No other. I must meet with the Elder to see if anyone else has exiled themselves here.

Of my compatriots: The elf I’ve known the longest, and act as a bodyguard for him. Why? He sheltered me during my first exile. I fought with him against his enemies, and rescued him from certain death to repay the debt owed. Now, I travel with him because he has the power of healing, and we just happened to hear the same news of passage opening up to the valley.

The cunning human has ties to this place, as well as a map, a cart, and a strong punch. I might like traveling with him. The other two with him are magic users. One is a human who seems like a pretentious arse with a pension for thunder (he didn’t even finish the combat). The other is a shifter not from the isles, constantly talks about his search for ruins and flings magic spells like it’s commonplace.

I’m grouped with a bunch of outsiders… I know how I feel about that, but since we have fought with each other and not against, I’ll just go for the ride for now. I just hope they don’t expect me to take off my weapons.



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