Player Character Kill Count

This space should be used to track what each player character has killed, so his deeds may be proclaimed truthfully.

Darkhorn: two Wolfman’s pet, two Draiad Thief, three Ogre Minions, Jumping Jack, A Basilisk, An Unconscious Blue Flame Mage, 2 Blue Flame Knights, Blue Flame Archon, Blue Flame Monk, Grimlock Minion, Grimlock ’Zerker

Sard: Six Ogre Minions, Blue Flame Commander, Blue Flame Knight, two Blue Flame initiates, 1 Grimlock Minion, 3 Grimlock Guard.
|——> Via Bigby’s Icy Grasp: One wolfman’s pet

Wolf: Eleven Ogre Minions, One Draiad Drummer, Hiram Johnson the Werewolf, A fey choker, a quickling, three Blue Flame Knights, 4 Blue Flame Archers(minions), Grimlock ’Zerker, Grimlock Wizard, Illithid Mindflayer

Adran Half-Elven: Two Ogre Minions*, One Draiad Thief, One Ogre Mauler*

Sticks: 2 Rowdy Draiad, Three Ogre Minions, One Wolfman’s Pet, One Ogre Mauler, Ogre in Fullplate “Tincan”, A fey quickling, 1 fleeing Blue Flame mage, 1 Blue Flame Knight, That Wasn’t, 1 Blue Flame Adept, Blue Flame Captain, A dire bear, Two Blue Flame Knights, 3 Grimlock Minions

Rippon HalfElven

Also Killed: A Basilisk.
*killed by Wolf’s player.

Player Character Kill Count

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