List of Minotaur Tribes on Tudum

Longhorn: The tribal leaders of the unified Minotaur clans. Their city (see Longhorn (city)) is the capital city of the tribes, and the closest haven to the Fallencairn Passage into the valley.

Darkhorn: A tribe whose lands are southwest of Longhorn, and one of the closest to Tudum-controlled country. The tribe was all but wiped out in the Tudum campaign to assert control of Minotaur lands and secure the Fallencairn Passage. So far, only one Darkhorn is known to still exist (see Mor of the Darkhorn).

Hanthau: A tribe on the other side of the Fallencairn Passage that have made their home in the city of High Ridge. Their Elder, Hanthau Shatterhorn, is part of the High Ridge Guard.

Blacktarn: An ancient Minotaur clan. Supposedly sired one of the leaders of the Minotaur Rebellion, Blacktarn Brewmaster.

List of Minotaur Tribes on Tudum

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