The Spear of Jack Longears

A silvery spear with a light wooden haft.

weapon (melee)

The bearer of the spear gains a +2 to Saving Throws against charm effects.

Power (At-Will): Free Action. All damage dealt by this attack becomes radiant damage.
Power (Encounter): Teleport 3 Squares.
Power (Daily): Standard Action. Teleport 10 Squares. At any point during this Teleport, you may end in a square and make a Melee Basic Attack against an adjacent creature, then Teleport the remaining distance. All damage dealt by the Melee Basic Attack is Radiant damage.


This spear, once owned by the legendary draiad Jack Longears, is made of a light tan wood. The head is made of a silvery metal and worked to look like a long pointed leaf. It has been passed down through families of draiad heroes to Jumping Jack, the last wielder of the weapon and bandit lord of Draiad Woods in the Fallencairn valley. It is immediately recognizable to most Fey in that part of the world.

The weapon was acquired by Adran Half-Elven when Jack was slain by the party, and with Adran’s leaving the group passed to the hands of Strikland ‘Sticks’ Moriganis.

The Spear of Jack Longears

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