Amulet of Ilfilax

This bone and opal amulet was crafted by a powerful aberrant spellcaster.


Resist 10 Psychic (Resist 15 Psychic at level 24)
The wearer’s critical dice are now d8s of Psychic damage, this property can be suppressed as a free action by the wearer.

Power (Encounter): Immediate Interrupt; when hit by an enemy attack. The wearer becomes invisible until the end of its next turn, and may shift 1 as a free action.
Power (Daily): Free Action. Trigger: you hit an enemy with an attack. Effect: You either pull or push that enemy its speed.


Decorated in bone and opal, it has mysterious lines-and-squiggles motifs on the back face. It is mostly bone with a large black opal set in the center of the pendant. It seems miraculously unworn for an object so obviously old.

Amulet of Ilfilax

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