Strickland "Sticks" Moriganis


Sticks is the product of a long line of merchants and traders, and by the ripe old age of 23 had already helped sell most everything there is to sell to most everyone that was interested in buying it, and maybe a few that originally weren’t.

He keeps two clubs on his person at all times. Despite the use they’ve seen, they remain unblemished by knicks, scars, scratches, and bloodstains. Sticks also disdains the use of armour, instead opting for a heavy (and waterproof) all weather coat that is bulky enough to conceal his clubs under if the need arises.

Despite his occasional habitual lapses into ‘salesman mode’ (a stance that Sticks doesn’t ever take with anyone he actually respects as a client), he is a generally jovial man who is perfectly willing to get along with just about anyone. He is also very aware of his distinct lack of a true salesman’s flare, and made most of the money for his family by making the long trade routes that no one liked taking faster than anyone else could ever run them.

Sticks also suffers from occasional bouts of wanderlust that makes even his rather mobile family look well grounded. It was during one of these bouts that he made an extremely profitable run to the City and back, returning not just with trade goods and gold, but two traveling companions that made the return trip much safer (Sard and Wolf).

Strickland "Sticks" Moriganis

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