The Fallencairn Valley

After walking through the maze that is this forest, I’m glad to see a straight path to our enemy.

We’ve finally found the main camp of the Draiads under Jumping Jack. I have confirmed this, but only slightly, as I have no idea if Jack’s actually home. Looks like there are a few sections within the town; first are the ogre huts, about 5 or 6 surrounding a central fire. In the middle of the camp is a stronghold, and there are 2 guardhouses in front of it. One of the houses has smoke coming out in puffs, and is how we spotted the town in the first place. Behind the stronghold there is a field full of giant squash and pumpkins. I count 5 ogres and 1 Draiad visible in camp at the moment, so hopefully the evening patrols are walking right now, however I cannot take into account how many are in the huts or the stronghold itself.

There are a few strategies we could take to assault this:

  • Draw the Ogres out into the forest and slaughter them before attacking the stronghold.
  • Attack directly.
  • Recon their patrol patterns to see when the least amount of contacts will be in town, and see if Jack is actually here.

At this point, I would suggest recon, however it’s not my call.



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