The Fallencairn Valley

Four Months Later

A summary of the meanwhile...

As we return to the game for the new year, four months have passed in the valley. Some new things have happened in the meantime:

It is now late fall in the valley, and there are only a few weeks before the snows set in.

When summer ended the Firbolgs dismantled their hunting encampments, there is now no permanent presence of these fey giants in the world. Their hunts, however, continue as always.

Adran Half-Elven has left the party, replaced by . He established a company of mercenaries working under the auspices of the town watch, Adran’s Eagles, who operate out if the ok’d blue flame watchtower. Relations with the party are icy at best.

About two months ago a caravan of traders passed through, bringing news of the outside world. The warriors of Tudum are on the march against Relieux. There are rumors that part of the army has been diverted, but to what purpose no one knows. The caravan also brought an interesting group of visitors, three explorers from the distant city who have purchased a house in town and seem to have mysterious purposes beyond simple curiosity about the world. Their party contains a city guardsman, a deva of Omen, and an enigmatic Engineer – one of the priests of the city itself.

The war with the Blue Flame Knights has been going well. They’ve been pushed entirely out of
the Fir Hills and Pineslopes and into the High Moor. Their final stronghold is the old keep. As the campaign re-opens, the party is gearing up for what may be the final battle with the
flame knights and their powerful leaders Maugrym and Pentheldryn. The mysterious forward Mage leader of the tower outpost is still at-large. The flame knights have revealed a new threat, though, domesticated Wyvern steeds.

With the flame knights no longer out raiding, intra-valley trade is flourishing. Centaur and Neogi have become a common sight in High Ridge once more – along with occasional wanderers from further into the valley. Some humans have counted among these travelers, hinting that the old settler caravans may have fared better than expected.

The war among the centaur tribes in the north continues, but traders from that region hint of a greater threat – the return of the Children Of Winter, raiders from the far off Kingdom of Frost. As the cold season approaches the reach if these elemental warriors increases.

Most recently, the party has been in pursuit of what they think may be Draiad raiders wrecking new construction along the river to the west by citizens of High Ridge.



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