The Fallencairn Valley

Down to Ogre Town

So many ogres

Ogre Town was immediately recognizable as such, partly due to the size of the buildings and the smell. But mostly because of the rather large quantity of ogres wandering around filthy huts. My only hope is that they don’t smell any worse dead. For once everyone seems in agreement about our approach, kill Jack and his minions. I had at least expected arguments from Adran about negotiation but it was as if he was far away. There was some dissension among the ranks involving tactics, it seemed like the Darkhorn was in favor of just running in and slaughtering them all but who can tell with minotaurs? The eventual plan ended being a close relation to that anyway, taking advantage of my abilities we were to gate to the roof of the main building and then start picking off our enemies from there. Well, we’ll see how it goes.

There are various bloodstains obscuring bits of text

From the appearance of the rest of the page it is obvious that the plan didn’t go quite as well as hoped though the fact that I’m writing this at all attests that at least the important people survived. While the ogres went down easily enough, Jack and his retinue were an entirely different issue. Amazingly having people dancing around on his roof was enough to pull Jack from his entertainments (though not before he finished his lunch it seems), after which things went quickly downhill. Long story short both Sticks and Wolf were struck down by Jack, though only Sticks died from his wounds, and the minotaur felled Jack at last in a berserk rage that had a rather interesting arcane element to it. While investigating a strange magical phenomena that occurred when Sticks breathed his last I made a slight error while descending from the roof and slipped on a bit of blood on the wall and managed to knock myself out. I was reminded of this near constantly for a while but as it’s mostly good-natured I took it in stride, (though if the Darkhorn doesn’t stop soon I may lose my composure as he probably lacks the good sense not to jump in front of a moving vehicle) and discovered that his soul had been pulled into a soul jar. This was very fortunate for him since otherwise I did not have enough components to wrest him free of Chronepsis’ grasp. I shall prepare to do so and write more when I am finished.



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