The Fallencairn Valley

A Wonderful View

We have a fort. Is Adran happy now?

It seems like there have been a lot more straight paths taken recently. Straight to Jumping Jack, straight back to High Ridge, straight to the watchtower. I feel a welcome detour coming soon.

The view up here is wonderful as I rest after our latest battle. I am currently on top of a watchtower south of High Ridge that used to be occupied by ex-Tudum Knights. I admit, it was satisfying slaying them one by one, just like back on the road and in the woods before today. It makes me think back to my younger days raiding the keep for supplies. I was still cutting my teeth more than cutting into flesh back then.

We waited until nightfall to make our move against the tower. At least we know how to make an entrance, using Sard’s portal ritual again to get up onto the tower and work our way down. Turns out he’s becoming a marksman too with his force balls, because he took out the watchmen single-handedly (with Wolf foolishly trying to use Blacktarn’s bow, and failing miserably). We made our way down the tower without any trouble, but I would hardly call five flights of stairs a tower. Sticks took the lead, fast as he is, and made it to the bottom first. This also, unfortunately, also meant that he took the ambush waiting for us in the next room. All I heard were four thunks of arrows, two explosions, and Sticks gasping for air as I watched him get pulled in front of a being of fire wearing armor. There were two of them, two knights, another monk, four archers, and some prick with a fancy dagger. I paid him no mind as I focused on the fire people, which looked the most threatening.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical of Sard’s power for a while. It seemed like he was only useful for spotting enemies and unlocking secrets. Yesterday and today he proved me wrong. Him and Wolf double-teamed the ill-fated gang of misfit knights, with Wolf grouping them together, and Sard sending them to hell, with hands of death and (from what he told me) visions of ruin spiraling around them. I was impressed, but not enough to just sit back and let them have all the fun, unleashing my fury on the knights and firemen surrounding Sticks. I took down a knight, the monk, and a fireman in a flurry of slicing, and before long it was just the prick. He was a magician, spraying poison and fire at us. I didn’t really notice him doing much before that, but he sent Wolf into the tower steps and shut the door on him. I only laughed a little.

When we killed the last fireman, the magician decided to cut and run. We lost track of him, sadly, but I feel we will see him before too long. I’m not really sure what our next move will be, as I’ve been relaxing up here since then. I think I heard someone yelling about a map though.

A small note is placed under this.
I wonder how long my rage will only simmer, and not consume me. I hope for my clan’s sake that it will never.



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